Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cat Trick of the Day


Hey friends!  Katie here :)  Yep, you read that title right!  We now have an official Cat Trick of the Day!  We had a friend request it and now here it is.  We're going to start with a really basic trick.  Well actually it's not a trick at all.  It's Clicker Training.  A clicker is a really useful tool in training, because your pet can hear it very easily.  You click the clicker right after you pet does the behavior you want correctly, but sometimes pets are really scared of the clicker.  That's why you have to train them to like it.  Once they like the clicker and know they get a treat after it they know that whatever they did was the correct behavior.


Clicker (You can easily get these at pet stores.)
Treats (I'd recommend the cat's favorite.  Cats can be a little picky.  I know my cat's favorite treats are Whisker Lickin's, so I use those to train Cailee.)

Clicker Training:

1. With a handful of treats in your hand click the clicker and give a treat to your cat.  Repeat this many times.

2. If your pet is scared away at first when they settle down give them a decent amount of treats, beginning to ease down their nerves.

3. That is it!  Simple right?  Now you can use a clicker when training other tricks!

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Don't forget to only train in three five minute sessions a day.  You don't want your pet thinking training is boring!

If we don't have a trick for a pet that you have please tell us!  We will get right on it and create a trick for your pet.

Spread the word about our blog to everyone you know!  We strive to make the bond between pet and owner strong and training is just one of the great ways to do this!

Remember that small treats work just as well as large treats, so unless your pet does something amazing try to keep the treats small so that you don't waste any treats!

Try making homemade treats!  Your cat will go nuts for them!

Happy training!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dog Trick of the Day


Hey guys!  Katie again.  Today I'm doing another dog trick.  Are you ready to finish the trick we started? Lets go!


A dog that knows the Touch command  (If you dog doesn't know this there is a fairly old post made by me.  Press the dogs tab in the word cloud 8th item down on the right hand bar.)

Get Me a Bottle of Water

Close the Door (dog uses his nose)

1.  Once your dog is comfortable holding the bottle in his/her mouth, practice having him/her target the refrigerator door with his/her nose.

2.  Open the door a little, give the Touch command, and click and treat him/her for moving the door shut even a little.

3.  Gradually leave the door open a little more and more until the dog is shutting the refrigerator door with purpose.  Remember to click and treat your dog for even small attempts to push the refrigerator door shut.

4.  Verbally label the behavior Shut the Door by saying it right after the dog does the motion and then treat them.  Repeat.

Close the Door (dog uses his paws)

1.  Use a paw target to get him/her to touch the refrigerator with his/her paws, than click and treat the behavior.

2.  Open the door slightly and tell your dog to paw the door; click and treat him/her for moving the door shut.

3.  Gradually open the door more and more so your dog has to push the door closed harder to earn the click and treat.

4.  Verbally label the behavior Shut the Door by saying that right after the dog completes the task.  Repeat.

Yay!  That's the end.  You taught your dog to retrieve you a bottle of water!  Happy Training!

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Don't forget to only train in three five minute sessions a day.  You don't want your pet getting bored and dreading training!

If you have a pet that we don't have a trick for please tell us!  We will get back to you as soon as possible and before you know it you will know how to train your pet!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dog Trick of the Day

Hello my friends! it is Allison ready to teach you a wonderful dog trick. Yes, I know I have been going nuts with dog tricks, but I have tons of ideas! Are you ready to learn one of them? Well lets say it actually has to parts... first it is seek!

A dog that knows the command come, and stay.

1. First, command stay. stand behind a close wall, clearly visible to your dog.

2. Command with the word, come!

3. Keep repeating. Lets say, training has a lot of repeating. As you repeat, get farther and farther from were your dog can see you. Make sure it doesn't walk around looking for you. Make sure you are not to far though! You still need your dog to find you! As you keep going, slowly, change the word come to seek.

4. If you hide, and your dog comes automatically to you when you say seek, your dog should get it eventually. When they do get it, congratulations! Repeat until your dog can do it every time. Now your dog can seek.

If you have a lizard that is great in photos, enter it in our contest! We need a mydivapets lizard! Maybe you can own the mydivapets lizard! Just send us a photo. Me and Katie will decide if it is mydivapets material.

Thanks for reading! Watch out for part two! Happy training!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dog trick of The Day

Hello dog lovers! It is Allison here. We are going to do some more dog training today. This trick will require the command touch, or target for your dog, so if your dog doesn't know that command, we have a really old post by Katie on the command, touch. I also want to apologize for not posting a lot of tricks. Me and Katie are very busy this time of year, so it it hard. Although, we have gotten a few posts up on our Terrific Treats area. You should check them out! Also, you may want to be notified that this is a pretty hard trick to get on command, but your dog will think it is an awesome trick, for it is fun. It also will teach your dog right and left a bit. Now to introduce.... Spin!

A dog that knows the command touch. (It can also be called target!)

1. Start by having your dog follow your hand in a circle, using the command, touch.(Or target.)

2. When he/she makes a full turn, click, and treat!

3. Do this a few times, eventually adding the hand signal for spin. ( A circular motion with a pointed index finger)

4. Try fading out the word touch or target, and start replacing it with spin right(if your going right) or spin left(if you are spinning the dog left!)

5. Practice until your dog can spinning at your command and hand motion!

Don't practice to long! 3 5 minute sessions work! Also, you don't want your poor dog getting dizzy!

 If you have an all-star lizard that is great in pictures, enter our contest! Send us a photo, because we need an mydivapets lizard!

I hope you enjoyed! Happy training!