Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


Circle work:  Circle work is good for getting your dog to follow your hands this is how you do it.

1.Put treats in left/right hand and get your dog following them in a circle.  Make sure the treats are on the outside of the circle your going in.  Click and treat after you take 1 step and the more you do it start giving your dog a treat after 2 steps and so on. 

2.Put treats in other hand and go other direction.  You go the other direction by making a U turn which is called an about turn in the dog world.  Click and treat after you take 1 step and so on.

3.Well done you've taught your dog to follow your hands with this circle drill!

Agility Class

My dog,Diva and I ,go to agility class every Monday.  Our instructor is Elizabeth Armstrong.  We have fun at our classes and practice well.  Sometimes Diva and I get a little tired and don't do so well,but we usually get our act together before the next lesson.  Diva and I did great yesterday though we did the beginning of a regular course and a gamble today.  The gamble we did went jump,jump.left tunnel, teeter.  Diva and I didn't get it the first time,but we tried something different and got it the second time.  This video isn't our class,but it is a agility course.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


                                                      Awww...isn't she cute!

1.Get your dog to stand up by sitting down and then getting up or anything,but bribing them.

2. Once you get your dog to stand up barely put your hand under them and hold for 3 seconds.  Click and treat when done.  Do this at least 10 times.

3.Take your hand away from under your dog.  Click and treat when your dog sits.  When your dog does it the first few times the dog only needs to get in the position if the dog stays there long enough for you to click and treat do so.  If your dog sits after you click,but not after you treat you still need to treat them.  If you don't the dog will start thinking the clicker's a bad thing.

4.Start giving stand its name.

5.Your dog will eventually learn that stand means to stand.  When your dog does stand to the name stand click and treat.

6.Keep on saying stand and waiting for you dog to stand till your dog is doing it every time right on command.

7.Well done,you have trained your dog to stand.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sleeping Ways!

I find Bryce sleeping like this everyday.  It doesn't look comfy to me,but I guess he likes it.  He is the daddy of four puppies and one of the puppies (Belle) sleep just like that.  I wonder if Bryce's mom/dad slept like that.  The thing is this isn't the only weird thing Bryce does!

Dog Trick of the Day

1.Tell your dog to sit,or down.  Click and treat.
2.Take a step back.  If dog pops up put dog back in sit/down position.
3.Come back to dog.  If your dog pops up right when you get by him/her put them back in position and try again.  When done correctly click and treat.
4.Repeat step 1 till your dog really understands.  Click and treat every time is done correctly.
5.Start adding more steps back.  Click and treat when you come back to dog.
6.When your at about three steps back start giving stay a name.  When done click and treat.
7.Repeat step 6 till dog knows that stay means stay.
8.Start going back up to 10 steps or further.  Click and treat every time.
9.Well done!  You've taught your dog stay!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Noah's Ark

I walk dogs at Noah's Ark every Friday.  Yesterday I walked two dogs,Lulu and Hazel.  Lulu is for someone who can't get outside much.  She's a loving dog,but is shy.  Hazel is a beautiful playful dog.  She's for someone who would like a dog to play with.  These dogs are waiting to be adopted!  Please adopt these two cute babies! 

 Noah's Ark is located at 2501 N. Weaver Street,Gainesville,TX 76240

Noah's Ark's phone number is 940-665-9800

Noah's Ark's website is http://www.noahsarktx.com

Noah's Ark's email address is admin@noahsarktx.com

Awww...I Think She's Comfy!

My dog has to sleep almost 24/7!!  She sleeps in the morning till about 8:00 and then she sleeps in the afternoon from about 1:00-4:00!  She has all kinds of funny positions:)  I guess that's what diva and I have in common.  We both love to sleep!!:):):):)

Dog Trick of the Day

Lie Down:
1.Wait for your dog to lie down.  Click and treat when dog does.
2.Keep on doing step #1 till dog does it constantly.
3.Start giving lie down a name to the dog.  Start saying lie down before your dog does.
4.Eventually your dog will learn lie down means to lie down.
5.Good job your dog learned how to lie down! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Supplies You'll Need

To train your dog your going to need a clicker,treats,certain supplies for tricks,and a good attitude.  Now I'm going to tell you what your going to use each of these supplies for,starting with the clicker.  When you first click your clicker your dog will be a little scared,so you will clicker train your dog.  To clicker train your dog you will get your clicker and click it then give a treat to your dog.  Do that about 20 times then your dog should know a clicker is a good thing.  Next I'm going to tell you what you'll use the treats for.  When your dog does something that you want you would click and then you'll treat. Treats are good for dogs who love food!  If your dog works for love or play then you don't need treats.  If your dog works for treats like mine then it's a good way to get your dog to want to train with you.  Last but not least the thing you need most to train a dog is a good attitude.  A dog can feel if your nervous,happy,or sad.  That means when you train your dog you don't want to have a bad attitude,because your dog won't work as well.  Now i've told you what you what you need to train a dog. Now go have fun!

Dog Trick of the Day


I'm going to give you the steps of training your dog sit,but first I want to tell you something about training your dog.  You never want to bribe your dog to do something.  You need to be patient and let the dog do it on its own.  Your dog will eventually do it it may not be in the first 5 minutes,or maybe not even in the first day,but they will do it and when they do use your clicker and click them and treat them with a huge reward.  That tells them well this is kind of fun I do this and I get treats. Now lets train.

1.Wait patiently for you dog to sit.  When done click and treat.

2.Keep on doing step 1 till your dog is doing it constantly.

3.Start saying sit before your dog sits.

4.Eventually your dog will learn the word sit means to sit.

5.Well done,you've trained your dog sit!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Cat Scratcher ruins

I've never had a cat who actually used the cat scratcher,but when I got Cailee she started to use it right away!  I never thought  i'd see the cat scratcher like the way it is!  She actually plays with the toys we get her!  It's so funny to watch her play:)

This is Cailee's Catnip

We find her eating something just a bit unusual. I ask her," Is that yummy?"  She just keeps on eating.  She looks up for a second and looks at me as if she were saying,"This is better then catnip!"  Now what do you think would be better then catnip to Cailee?  The plastic netting that oranges and onions are held in!


Welcome to my blog.   Really what I'm trying to do is to get people active with their pets.  It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have at Mydivapets.  Here we think all pets are trainable,so if you want to teach your fish dance.  Well I'm going to tell you how!