Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fish Trick of the Day

Hello everyone! This is Allison!!! And we are doing another fish trick! I am going crazy with tricks, I'm so excited I'm your co-owner, but that is good for you, right? I hope it is. Now to announce our fish trick... how to make your fish go up, without it following your finger!

1. First, start having your fish follow your finger down to the bottom of the tank. This way, your fish has room to go up!

2.Keep having it follow your finger up. As you do this, gradually move your hand farther and farther away.

3. Make sure your fish is going up sharply, even when your hand is moving farther away.

4. In the middle of your progress, start making your hand movements smaller.

5. Keep repeating step two and three and four. Careful though, you don't want to have your hand get to far away!

6. Eventually, you should be standing at your fish tank, making a flicking movement with your wrist, with one finger up.

7. Is your fish going straight up when you flick your wrist with one finger up? If it is, you have completed the trick. Congratulations! 

Always train in approximately three five minute sessions per day. If you are getting bored, you time is probably up, and your fish is bored too. And if you have a pet we don't write tricks about, comment down below! We want to hear from you! Also, if you have a star lizard, it could be a Mydivapets star! All you have to do is send us some photos of your lizard, and me and Katie will see if it is Mydivapets material. Good luck, and Happy Training!

Lizard Trick of the Day

Hello, my friends, this is Allison! Today, we will be doing a fun lizard trick. Remember, when you are training, do it in five minute sessions, approximately three times a day. Now, we are going to train our favorite lizards now, right? Now to reveal what we will be learning... how to teach your lizard how to scramble over obstacles! 

A lizard that knows how to follow your hand without treats.
You, the trainer.
Yummy, lizard treats.
An obstacle that a lizard can scramble over.

1.First, you want to make sure the obstacle is safe and sturdy.

2. Now, you want to get the lizard to follow your hand. Have it follow your hand over the obstacle, and say scramble at the same time. If if your lizard goes around, put a treat on top of the obstacle, then try.

3. Keep moving your hand higher and higher up, and keep trying to make your actions get smaller and smaller. Keep repeating scramble as you do so.

4. Keep repeating step two and three until you are saying scramble and doing a small finger movement in the air, and your lizard is scrambling over the obstacle on command sharply.

5. Congratulations! Your lizard has learned how to scramble over obstacles on command! What a smart lizard!

Remember, if you are getting frustrated, your lizard probably is too. Now, time for announcements.   
Do you have a lizard that looks awesome in photos, and seems like it could be a star? Send Mydivapets some photos. You never know, your lizard could be the star lizard of Mydivapets! Enter in the contest now! If your pet doesn't get a trick of the day, comment down below! Me and Katie would try to post something as soon as possible. Make sure to include what animal it is, of course! Well that is all I have!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dog Trick of the Day

Hello, my friends! This is Allison. And I would like to ask you this: Are you ready to have some more doggy fun?! You are? Great! Now lets get started teaching you dog how to... cross the street on command! ( Trust me, this is VERY helpful sometimes! I have had experience...) Now, lets get started! 

A dog that knows the trick, come.
Two people.
A leash. ( You always need a leash for dog walks!)
A treat for reward.( Optional!)
( You need to go on a dog walk, were you can cross on a really non-busy street.)

1. First, leash up your dog. You do not want to loose him/her!

2. Go on a dog walk! Make sure it is along a non-busy road!

3. Have one person walking the dog, while the other person is ahead,on the other side of the road.

4.When you get to the point where the other person is just across from you, have them tell the dog, "cross!" If the dog heads over to them, well, your dog did it! Give them lots of praise! If your dog didn't do it, well, no worries. Just have the person say come! Hopefully, the dog will go. Then give lots of praise to your marvelous, smart dog.

Still not working? Just repeat step four! Remember, a dogs attention span is not long! Keep that in mind. Well, congratulations, your dog knows how to cross the street on command! And remember, if Mydivapets is not posting tricks about a certain pet you like, comment down below! Also, remember the contest we're holding. If you have a star lizard, maybe it can be the star Mydivapets lizard! Send us a picture of your lizard. You never know if your lizard could be a future superstar! Happy training!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fish Trick of the Day

7/ 22/ 13

Hello everybody!  It's Katie.  I'm going to be doing this fish trick of the day.  Make sure you only train three times a day for minutes each time.  Try practicing each of the three tricks with your fish one of the three times you practice.  Only do all three tricks if your fish knows at least two of them.  When we get more tricks and your fish knows most of them you can get a jar and put a name of each trick on one piece of paper.  This way before each session you know exactly what you're going to practice, because you drew it out of the jar!  This trick is going to be kind of like the one I did for the lizards earlier on, but with fish!  We've already got our fish following our hands with treats  (At least I hope so.  If your fish doesn't know this trick yet go back to it.  To find it go to the right hand column and go into the word cloud and press fish.) , but now lets try and get them to follow your hand without treats.  Now lets move on to the trick.


Your Fish's Favorite Treats
You, the Trainer!
Your Fish 

Getting Your Fish to Follow Your Hand Without Treats:

1. First warm up your fish by doing this trick with treats.  

2. Repeat step 1 until your fish is completely warmed up with that trick and is ready to move on!

3. Now take the treats out of your hand, but still act like you have treats in your hand.  Start doing the same trick as we did in the warm up, but like this.  When you're satisfied with your fish give him a treat.

4. I would normally use a clicker, but for a fish they won't really be able to hear underneath the water.  I guess your just going to give them a little more treats than you normally would for any other trick.  Keep up the same thing you were doing in step number three, but give them a bit more treats.  This way they know they're being good.

5. Repeat step four until your fish is following you hand!

6. Wow, you did it!  You've trained your fish to follow you hand without treats!

Please comment below if you liked this trick.  We love hearing from you!

Do you have a pet that I don't post a trick a day for?  If so, please comment below.  Allison or I will reply as soon as possible!

Do you have a lizard as well as a fish?  If so your lizard is eligible  to be Mydivapets new logo lizard!  If you're interested please comment below and we'll get right back to you.  All your lizard would have to do is look nice for your camera and then you send us the pictures you take.  You never know you may have a super star lizard!  

If you like Mydivapets try!

Dog Trick of the Day

7/ 22/ 13

Hey, it's Katie!  Sorry it's been a long time for me to post this I've just been so busy working on the other Fish and Lizard tricks of the days that I just don't have much time to post a dog trick too!  However, I am today!  I love this trick.  Make sure to train three times a day for five minutes.  This way your dog won't get bored with the trick and just quit on you.  Whether your dog is praying for leniency after getting into the garbage or praying for some more mud to roll in, any dog looks cute performing this trick.  The trick requires your dog to rest his/ her paws on a table, chair, or stool and tuck his/ her between his/ her front paws.  He/ she can be sitting or standing when he/ she does this.  Today's trick is... Say Your Prayers!


Clicker (You can find hese online, or at pet stores.)
Your Dog's Favorite Treats 
Yourself, the trainer!
Table, stool, or chair (Preferably start with a low object that won't slide too much to where your dog slips off with a hard thunk, so that your dog doesn't scare itself.  If you don't have a very good object for not slipping try putting it on a rug, carpet, or put nonskid material on the bottom of the object.  This is all for your dog's safety!)
Target (Yogurt lid, Peanut Butter lid, etc.)

Say Your Prayers:

1. Use a table, stool, or chair that won't move when your dog puts his/ her paws on the object.

2. Get your dog to put his/ her front paws on the stool by tapping the stool or luring him/ her with a treat.  Click any effort to get his/ her paws up on the object.

3. Delay the click so that your dog is putting his/ her paws up and leaving them there for a whole three second before you click and treat.

4. Using a yogurt lid as a target, get your dog to put his/ her head between her front paws by placing the target slightly under his/ her chest.  Click and treat him/ her for making attempts to touch the target.

5. Delay the click again until your dog holds his/ her nose to the target for longer lengths of time.

6. Fade the target slowly by clicking before he/ she actually touches it, or by making the target smaller.

7. Label the behavior Say Your Prayers as he/ she is performing the behavior and just before any other cues.  Gradually fade any old cues.

8. Congrats, you taught your dog Say Your Prayers!

If you liked this trick please tell us below in the comments.

Do you have a pet that I don't write a daily trick for?  If so, please tell me and I will get you your daily trick right away!

Don't forget about the contest Mydivapets is holding!  If you have a lizard and you would like it to be the logo lizard of Mydivapets please comment on any of our posts and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Lizard Trick of the Day

7/ 22/ 13

Hey, this is Katie! How'd you like that last Fish Trick of the Day made by Allison?!  I thought it was pretty cool!  I must applaud her for her first Trick of the Day on here!  I'm sorry about the inconsistency in our posts, but we try!  Please remember to train 3 times a day in 5 minute sessions.  Today's trick is getting your lizard to follow your hand without treats.  I would want your lizard to already know the first post I made about training your lizard and that would be getting your lizard to follow your hand with treats!  Once that is great you may do this one!  If your lizard doesn't get it right away it's OK!  You're really training your lizard just to have fun.  To find my first lizard post go to the right hand column and press the little button in the word cloud that says lizard.  Well now this is the Lizard Trick of the Day.  Are you ready to wow your friends?  You are?  Alright, lets go!


Your lizard's favorite treats
Clicker (Explained in the directions below) (If you don't have a clicker go to a pet store, or look online; they're real easy to find.)

Luring Your Lizard to Move Without Treats in Hand:

1. First warm up with luring your lizard with treats!

2. Repeat step 1 until your lizard is completely ready for the next step of luring your lizard, but without treats.

3. Take the treats out of your hand, but still act like you have treats in your hand.  Start doing what you would normally do with treats.

4. For this trick I have requested you to have a clicker for it is easier to train with one for this particular trick.  When your lizard follows your hand click and grab a treat to give to it.

5. Repeat step four until your lizard is following your hand immediately.

6. Congrats!  You've trained your lizard to follow your hand without treats!

Be on the look out about a post on the Park County Fair!  I'm sure you all want to know how great our little club (4 people) in Bailey did.  Here's a hint, we were pretty awesome!

Did you enjoy this trick?  If so, leave a comment.  We love hearing from you!

Do you have a pet that I don't already post a trick a day for?  If so please comment below, so I can get you on the track to trained pet!

Thank you care- for the picture!

If you have a pet lizard I have a question for you!  Right now I don't have a model lizard to put in my posts to go along with the tricks.  I have been borrowing pictures instead, but if you want your lizard to become the logo lizard of Mydivapets just comment below and I'll ask you for a picture of your lizard.  If me and my co- owner, Allison, agree that he is Mydivapets material you get to be the new proud owner of Mydivapets's logo lizard!  Enter for a chance to win.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fish Trick of the Day

 Hello! This is Allison! Now, I notice alot of people have fish. Like any other pet, I wanted to train it. Fish tend to get turned down quite a bit. That's because most people think fish just sit there. But hey- if you seen the other fish trick posted by Katie, you know they can be fun, and can be trained. It can be lots of fun training any animal, so here it is- another fish trick! This is gong to be how to train your fish to dance... how fun!

A fish that knows how to follow your hand
Your fishes favorite treat
You, the trainer!
(Make sure you know a dance move!)

Teaching your fish to dance:

1.Think of a dance move. ( I thought of the disco and hula!) Make sure YOU know how to do it!

2.Make your fish follow your hand- make sure to move your hand the same way you do the dance move!

3.As you go along, make bigger hand movements.

4.Repeat step 2. and 3., until your fish is following along sharply and you are doing the dance move completely. This trick is fun because you can make up a dance move and make it your own! Remember, this can take time.If you get frustrated or bored, your fish probably is too. Try doing this in approximately 5 minute sessions, about three times a day. Congratulations! You trained your fish how to dance! Now, go out there, wow your friends, and show fish are great pets,and can be trained to be smart friends! Good luck!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lizard Trick of the Day

7/ 15/ 13

Hello,all!  It's me, Katie.  I'm sure all of you have heard that Allison is going to be helping me out with posts on Mydivapets ( And if you didn't know, now you do!). She may be helping me with some of my tricks of the day, since I don't get to some of them most of the time!  This is just an idea, it's not positive.  Expect to hear from her again soon!  Now today we will have another lizard trick!  I know it's been well over a week, but I've been busy with other things like training Diva!  I'll still try to get on here more often, so you can be well on your way to a very well behaved pet.  Today's trick is teaching your pet to come at it's name.  Do not get disappointed if your lizard doesn't learn this trick in a day, or even get past step 1 ( However, I hope you did the first lizard trick I put up before this one.  For this one is more difficult then the last.).  Lizards are not like dogs; they don't absorb the information they learn as well.  To train a lizard you need to have loads of patience, and you need to repeat the steps a lot! If your still not convinced, the average time for a lizard to learn it's name is one month.  A quick learning lizard will at least take 15 days to learn come.  A slow lizard may take up to 2 months or more.  Just a heads up on how long it will take!


Your lizard's favorite treat
Your lizard
Your lizard must have experience in following you hand.

Teaching Your Lizard Their Name:

1. If you want to warm up your lizard and refresh it's memory start out with the trick where you get your lizard to follow your hand with treats.  Here is a quick synopsis of that trick.  Get some food in your hand and wait for your lizard to come to you and start eating.

2. Let your lizard eat a bit and then move your hand again.  Wait for your lizard to come back to your hand and give it a treat.

3. Repeat until your lizard is pretty much following your hand.

4. Next right after your lizard comes to your hand and stops to eat their "hardly earned treats" say their name with a come at the end.  Repeat this about five times, or until you feel your lizard at least sort of understands.

5. Now say your lizard's name and then come and wait for them to come over to your hand.

6. Repeat step five until your lizard is really coming to your call.

Don't forget about clicker training!

If you have an animal that you would like to train and I'm not posting a trick for it at the moment feel free to comment!  I will start making a daily trick for that animal every day!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hi! I'm Allison Beasley, and I'm Co-owning My Diva Pets. Yes, Katie is still is the owner, but there will now be posts from me too about lots of animals! That is, if my dog doesn't die. Then I may just stick with fish and later do dogs too. My dog IS about to die! Well, say hello to your new co owner, Allison Beasley!

Maggie, my dog is at the left.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lizard Trick of the Day

7/ 7/ 13

Hey guys!  I've had another request from Cole Beasley on how to train a lizard to do tricks.  I will be now posting a daily trick with directions on how to train it to your lizard!  Like with the other trick of the days the tricks will get harder as you go on.  You may think it's dumb to train a lizard, but training a lizard can be a fun way to entertain guests.  Even if you have a little sister, or someone who's not exactly fond of lizards they will still get a kick out of lizard doing tricks! Training your pet is also a good thing to do when you get bored!  A good time to train is when you are giving your lizard their meal, because you already have treats.  You can train their whole meal!  To train a lizard to do something at request I would do something with your hands, because using your voice would be absolutely useless with your lizard.  To tell your lizard their being good you can also use clicker training.  You can get a clicker at most pet stores for like $1.  A clicker is something you use to train all kinds of animals, but at first they may get a little afraid of it.  To make them know that the clicker is a good thing you can do something called Clicker Training.  Clicker training is something your pet will learn to love and you only have to do a few sessions of Clicker Training until your lizard, or any pet, know that it's a good thing.  To do it you simply click on your clicker and give them a treat.  Do this about ten times and then do something else!  If your lizard doesn't get the trick right away don't get down.  Some take longer than others to do things.  I would train in three, five minute intervals each day, so that your lizard doesn't get bored with you and stop doing the tricks.  To start with we'll do something simple, but first I will tell you what you need.  It's really not much.


Your lizards favorite treats (If the treats are a little too gross and you don't really want to hold them just put them in a small cup and use it as the bearer of the treats.)

Luring Your Lizard to Move:

1. Get your lizard's favorite treats out and try to get the lizard to move to your hand.  If you lizard does come to your hand give him/ her the treat.

2. Repeat step one until your lizard is moving to your hand automatically.

3. Start moving your hand and try to get your lizard to move with it.  Give your lizard the treat.

4. Repeat step three until your lizard is moving with your hand automatically.

5. Yay!  Your lizard is now moving around with your hand!

Now that wasn't hard at all was it?  If you liked this how to please tell me in the comments below!

Fish Trick of the Day

7/ 7/ 13

Hey guys!  I've had a recent request from Cole Beasley on how to train your fish!   I've decided to put a daily trick on here, so everyone can train their beloved pet!  Like with dogs we'll start with simple tricks and then over time we will make them more difficult.  Fish will be a bit harder than dogs, because they can't hear you or understand you.  Now by now your probably going why int he world would I want to train my fish, but there are many reasons why.  Do you have a fish that is very shy?  Is your fish always hiding in the back of the tank and when people want to see it they never can, because it's always in the back hiding?  Well fear not, Katie is here!  These tricks will help with this.  Your fish will get happy when they see people, because they know food is on the way to their tummies. They will enjoy training not because they get your attention (Lets be honest.  Do you really know a fish that adores people and loves it when they stroke their backs?  No.),but because they get food.  Therefore, when they see you, you become the food lady and then you become a good thing.  However, training is not without restrictions.  Just like you fish don't wan to be learning all day, so I would recommend training your fish in three, five minute sessions each day.  If you do anymore than that  your fish will definitely get bored with you and just swim away and do whatever it wants.  Now the first trick I will teach you is really quite simple, but first I will tell you the supplies you need.  (There's really not much!)



Getting your Fish to Follow your Hand with Treats:

1. Feed your fish a few flakes of food to get them really excited!

2. Put some of their food in your hand and show them by placing your hand in the water.

3. Drop the food in your hand.

4. Get some more food in your hand and try to get your fish to eat from your hand.  (Please skip this part if you can't touch your fish.)

5. Repeat step number four until your fish is rapidly eating from your hand.

6. Stick your hand over the water with a treat in your hand.  If your fish swims up to the top of the tank to look drop a treat in.

7. Repeat step six until your fish is rapidly checking out your hand.

8. Move your hand a little bit and see if your fish follows.  If your fish doesn't follow to begin with stick your hand in the water with the treat and move it and wait for the fish to follow.

9. Repeat step eight until your fish is following you hand slightly.

10. Move your hand more and more until your fish is following your hand.

11.  You've trained your fish their first trick!