Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day

12/ 23/12
Paw Targeting:

1. Put your hand or lid out for the dog to see, but withhold the click until he/she steps near it.  Since you have already taught your dog to target with his/ her nose, she may off only this behavior at first.  Be patient and wait for paw action near the target.

2. Withhold the click to let your dog know you want something other than a nose touch and see what happens.

3. Make it easy for your dog by moving the lid or your hand along the floor so that you can click him/ her for moving toward it.  An easy way to get your dog started is to put the lid at the base of the stairs and click for your dog when he/ she steps on or next to it. 

4. When you withhold the click your dog may get frustrated, but don't be to quick to help right away.  Wait your dog out and see if she'll/ he'll paw at the target or move toward it.

5. Practice a paw target separately from a nose target and make sure you have two distinctive cues for each one.

6. Frequent short training sessions will help your dog figure out what you want faster than long confusing ones.

7. If you were having trouble with any of the past tricks, be sure to try this one to get your dog familiar with touching in different ways.  When done, well done!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day

Find it:

1.Choose an item with lots of your scent on it(like a hat or a hair tie) and show it to your dog.

2.Have someone hold your dog's collar while you hide the item somewhere obvious at first.

3.Release your dog to go find it and click and treat him/her as he/she approaches it.

4.Gradually increase the difficulty by hiding it in more challenging places.

5.Find another item to practice with and try again.

6.Label the behavior Find It as the dog moves toward the object.

7.Congratulations, you've taught your dog Find it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day

Walking the Dog:

1.Teach your dog to retrieve and carry a leash.

2.Once your dog is retrieving the leash easily, start practicing having him/her hold it with some resistance (hold on the end and give a little tug).

3.Hand your dog the leash and click and treat him/her for grabbing it and walking with you.

4.With the leash firmly in your dog's mouth, practice giving it a tug, and click and treat him/her for pulling back or hanging on.

5.Gradually increase the amount of resistance you offer to prepare him/her for a real dog on the end of the lead.

6.When she can carry the leash while you are offering resistance, go ahead and add a real dog.

7.The dog you add should be an adult with some leash manners and the leash should be attached to a flat buckle collar.

8.The dog being led should be clicked and treated for walking slightly ahead of the other dog but not outright pulling.

9.Wow, you've taught your dog how to walk the dog!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day

Take a Bow:

1.It's probably best to start with all the dogs in the Sit/Stay position.  Reinforce each dog for holding the Stay.

2.Give the cue for Bow to all the dogs at once, or each dog individually.  Click and treat those dogs that perform the behavior correctly.

3.Continue to practice until all the dogs are performing in unison.  Don't be afraid to go back and review the steps with each dog individually if the trick starts to fall apart.

4.Fabulous, you taught your dogs Take a Bow!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day

Everybody Wave:

1.Make sure each dog can fluently and reliably wave on a hand signal.

2.Line the dogs up and reinforce them for holding Stay.

3.Cue the dogs to Wave and click and treat all of them.

4.Practice with two dogs at a time until they are competing with each other to raise their paws the fastest.

5.Encourage extra-fast efforts by clicking and treating only the dog that was first.

6.Gradually add more dogs, following the same rules; the faster dogs get treated more often than the slower dogs.

7.If one dog is particularly slow, take hi aside and teach him to wave faster before putting him back into the group.

8.Yay, you taught your dogs Everybody Wave.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Table Manners

It's good to have a dog with good table manners who won't beg for food.  I usually give my dogs the scraps of my dinner after I eat, so they don't get fed at the table and start expecting that all the time.  If you feed your dogs at the table to often they will start begging and that is the exact opposite of what you want.

Dog Trick of the Day

Double-Dog Roll Over:

1. Have each dog lie about three feet apart (allow more space if the dogs are giant breeds).

2. Reinforce each dog for holding the Down/Stay position.

3.Cue the dogs to Roll Over one at a time(reinforce the others for staying until they have been cued) , or give the cue for all the dogs to roll at the same time.
4.Experiment with giving a cue to each dog and then giving one cue to the group and see which version of the trick looks flashier.

5.If you are cueing all the dogs at once, you need only one click for all of them, but treat each dog with him/her own cookie.

6. If you are cueing each dog separately, click and treat that dog before asking the next one to go.

7.Once the dogs are performing reliably, go ahead and verbally label the behavior Everybody Over, or label each individual rollover with the dog's name and the the Roll Over command.

8.You trained your dogs Everybody Roll Over!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day

Go left, Go right:

1.Start with your dog in front of an object (like a chair or a person) and put a target lid to the left of it about 3 feet away.

2.Send your dog to go Touch, and click and treat him/her for responding.

3.Repeat this at gradually increasing distances, clicking right before your dog touches his/her nose to the target.

4.When your dog is offering the behavior readily, say the new cue Go Left just before he/she is about to move forward to touch the target.  Repeat this until he/she will go to the left when you say left.

5.Fade the target by making it smaller (use scissors to cut into smaller pieces) until your dog simply moves left on your command.

6.To teach your dog to go right, simply follow all the same steps except with everything on the right.

7.Awesome, you've taught your dog Go left, Go right!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


Mail a Letter:

1.Using the Touch command ask your dog to use his/her nose to push the letter into the slot.  Click and treat him/her for touching the letter.

2.Withhold the click and treat until he/she pushes the letter a little further toward the slot this time.

3.Have him/her put two front paws on the mailbox and click and treat him/her for staying up for gradually longer periods of time.  If you have a small dog, you may want to hold him/her close to the box and click him/her for putting his/her feet on the top.

4.Hand your dog a letter and tell him/her to Take It.  Click and Treat him/her for taking the letter, then for holding the letter for long periods of time.

5.Call him/her to put his/her paws on the box while holding the letter, and click and treat.

6.Work on this step until the dog is easily balancing on his/her hind legs while holding the letter.

7.Now try to get the dog to leave the letter on the tray by telling him/her Leave It and clicking and treating him/her for letting the letter go.  You may need to adapt this trick for small dogs by holding them close to the box.

8.Practice all the steps until the whole thing is fluid and the dog responds to your command Take It by following through with all the other steps.

9.Replace the cue Take It with the new cue Mail It by saying the new cue right before the old cue and gradually fading the old cue.

10.Congrats, you've taught your dog Mail It!!


I got Diva from a shelter in Texas, but we weren't sure if it was the right choice, because when we went to meet her she wouldn't play and didn't seem like a very happy dog.  We still got her and now I love her just as much as all my dogs. Don't tell my other pets, but I MIGHT like her even a little more:) So about  3 days after we brought her home she started doing things differently like playing with toys.  She was starting to act like a happy dog with a home.  Diva started to act like a dog with smarts also.  She's a mix of a Dachshund and an Aussie I think.  I've been doing agility for about 2 years with Diva and were able to go into open soon.  I got my cat Cailee at a different shelter in Texas and we did the same thing we did with Diva she didn't act very playful.  Now about a year later she's a lovely cat.  I recommend shelters, because you never know you might find your best friend there. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


Let's Play Ring Toss:

1.Hand your dog a ring and click and treat him/her for holding it.

2.Put the pole close to you and have the dog deliver the ring close to the post;click and him/her for releasing it over the post.

3.You may help the dog by tapping the post and encouraging him/her to drop it.  Click and treat him/her for gradually closer attempts to leave the ring close to the post.

4.Withhold the click and treat and only click attempts to put the ring on the post.

5.Fantastic, you've taught your dog Let's Play Ring Toss!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grooming Dogs

When you groom dogs I always choose to do it myself, because it's cheaper and it's fun!  When you groom dogs I usually do everything to her such as her nails, her fur(that means sometimes I give her a bath), and her paws since her paws are so furry she looks like she has slippers on!

Dog Trick of the Day


Put Away your Toys:

1.Hand your dog a toy and tell him/her to Take It;when he/she has the toy in his mouth,  click and treat him/her for holding it.

2.Put the toy box between  your feet  and encourage the dog to come to you;click and treat him/her for holding the toy over the top of the box.

3.Repeat the above step, but ask the dog to Leave It as he holds the toy over the box.

4.Put the toy on the floor and tell him/her to Take It;click and treat him/her for picking up the toy.

5.Repeat the above step with more than one toy on the floor at a time.

6.Replace the Take It and Leave It cues with the new cue Toys Away by saying the new cue right before the old cue.  Gradually fade the old cue.

7.Wonderful, you've taught your dog Put Away Your Toys!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


This is Quaffle.  Quaffle is named after a red ball in Harry Potter that they use in Quidditch.  They use the ball to get it through one of the other opponents hoops.  Quaffle is the biggest one out of the three ducklings.  Quaffle got out of his egg the quickest.  Quaffle was also dry when he came out of his egg.

Dog Trick of the Day


Find My Car Keys Please:

1.Hand your dog your keys and tell him/her to Take It.  Click and treat him/her for holding your keys.

2.Take a few steps back and call him/her to you.  Click and treat him/her for moving toward you with the keys in her mouth

3.Put the keys on the floor and tell him/her to Take It;click and treat him/her for picking up the keys.

4.Repeat the previous step but back away, and click and treat him/her for picking up the keys and moving toward you.

5.Put the keys in different places at varying distances and click and treat your dog for finding them.

6.Gradually work it so that your dog is actively searching for your keys.  When you are at this point, go ahead and label it Keys.  Replace Take It by giving the new cue Keys right before the old cue.  Then, gradually fade the old cue.

7.Practice this one frequently to keep your dog motivated about searching for your keys.

8.Well done, you've taught your dog Find My Car Keys Please!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


This is Snitch!  Snitch is the only yellow one of the three ducklings.  Snitch won't be yellow forever though.  When Snitch grows up he/she will be a different color.  I still don't know what color he'll be though.  I'm hoping Snitch will end up being a boy to match his name.  Snitch is very cuddly with me.  Snitch is so cute and lucky to be alive, because when it was time to get out of the egg Snitch couldn't do it, but luckily the person we had hatching the eggs for us that that the hatching was taking to long so he broke open some eggs and there Snitch was.  Snitch was so weak the guy had to put him in a egg carton to keep him up.

Dog Trick of the Day


Go Get Your Dish:

1.Hand your dog his dish and tell him to Take It.  Click and treat him for holding the dish.

2.Take a step away and call him to you.  Click and treat him for moving toward you with the dish in his mouth.

3.Put the dish on the floor and tell him to Take It;click and treat him for picking up the dish.

4.Now, repeat this step but back away and click and treat the dog for picking up the dish and moving toward you.

5.Put the dish closer and closer to where you normally keep it and send him to take it over greater distances.

6.As your dog gets good at this replace Take It with the new verbal cue Wanna Eat? by saying the new cue right before the old cue, until the dog starts the behavior on the new cue.

7.Fantastically done, you've taught your dog Go Get Your Dish!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is Seeker!  Seeker is named after someone on a quidditch team who tries to find the snitch!  Seeker is the smallest of the three ducklings.  It is quite funny watching them when they eat and drink.  It looks like their going crazy!

Dog Trick of the Day


Go Get the Phone:

1.Hand your dog the receiver and tell him/her to Take It.  Click and treat your dog for taking it in his/her mouth and holding it for a few seconds.

2.Hand your dog the phone and back away from him/her, encouraging him/her to follow you.  Click and treat him/her for carrying the phone to you.  Make sure the click happens while he/she is moving toward you, not when he/she arrives.

3.Repeat this step again, but now click and treat your dog for delivering the phone to you.

4.Put the phone on the floor and ask him//her to Take It;click and treat him/her for picking up the phone.

5.Put the phone at greater distances and have him/her retrieve it from further away.  Time the click and treat for when your dog puts her mouth on the phone.

6.Increase the difficulty by delaying the click until he/she has the phone and is turning back to you.  You can use a voice prompt like his/her name or the Come command.

7.Label the behavior Get the Phone by saying it right before the commands Take It and Come, until you can gradually fade the old commands and replace them with the new command Go Get the Phone.

8.Practice in short sessions until your dog begins to move toward the phone on the command Go Get the Phone.

9.Good job, you've taught your dog Go Get the Phone!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Delivery!

Today we got new little ducks!  They are really, really cute, but we don't know which are boys and which are girls or are they all of the same gender?  We don't know.  They have cute names to match their cute bodies too!  The names are Quaffle, Snitch, and Seeker!  I love Harry Potter so this year I am giving my animals Harry Potter related names!  It's like these names were meant to be, because when I was in the car waiting to pick them up I thought of the names and I said," Snitch should be a boy and kind of golden."  And when I got to the house to pick them up one of the little ducks was!  If only I knew if it was a boy!!

Dog Trick of the Day


Go Find the Remote:

1.Hand your dog the remote and click and treat him/her for holding it.

2.Back away a step or two and click and treat him/her for carrying it to you.

3.Put the remote on the couch or coffee table and tell your dog to Take It.  Click and treat him/her for picking it up in his/her mouth.

4.Send him into the living room at greater distances and click and treat him/her when he finds the remote.

5.Call him/her to you as he/she gets the hang of this and click and treat him/her for holding it until you reach out to take it.

6.Replace Take It with the command Remote by offering the new cue right before the old cue "Take It."

7.Good job, you've taught your dog Remote!

Dog Trick of the Day


Get the Mail/Newspaper:

1.Teach your dog to carry nonessential letters and junk mail without stopping to shred them before you use the real thing.  ("The dog ate the mortgage bill" probably won't go over well with your spouse.)  Do this by clicking and treating your dog for taking the letter or newspaper and holding it without mouthing it.

2.Take a step or two away and have her/him bring it to you.  Click and treat the motion of moving toward you.

3.Put the letter on the floor and tell your dog to Take It.  You may want to use junk mail on this part until your dog refines her/his techniques in picking up something so close to the floor.

4.When your dog is retrieving with finesse,  begin to work her with the real mail pile or newspaper.

5.Label this behavior Mail or Paper by saying this new cue right before the current cue Take It; pretty soon your dog will be fetching with enthusiasm and finesse.

6.Well done, you've taught your dog to get the mail/newspaper!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day

Teaching your dog to potty on command:

1.Go outside with your dog to wait for her to go potty.

2.When your dog starts to go say the cue that tells her to do so.  Click and treat.

3.Repeat this until you can just say the cue and he/she will go.

4.Congrats, you've taught your dog to go potty on cue!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


Play Dead:

1.Get your dog to lie down, then click and treat.

2.Use a treat to roll your dog onto his/her side, then click and treat.

3.Fade the lure by doing six repetitions in a row and then trying the seventh repetition without the lure, clicking and treating the dog for performing the behavior.

4.Reintroduce the lure to get him/her to roll onto his/her back, then click and treat.  Fade the lure after the sixth repetition.

5.Go back and put all three steps together so that he/she performs them all in one continuous motion for one click and treat.

6.Fade the lure by working with food for six repetitions then without food for two repetitions.  Go back and forth until your dog responds the same with or without food.  Note: The way you hold your hand will become the exaggerated cue that starts the behavior.

7.Change the old cue to a new cue by offering the new cue before the motion you used to get the behavior started.  Pointing your thumb and forefinger like a gun and saying "bang!" is very flashy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


Ring a Bell:

1.Put some bells on the floor and click and treat your dog when it sniffs them (you can use the word Touch if he/she knows what Touch means.

2.Delay the click and wait for her to touch harder or mouth them before you click and treat.

3.Work at this until he/she's ringing the bell with purpose.

4.Hang the bells next to the door and repeat the above steps until he/she is ringing them reliably.

5.Gradually increase the distance he/she must travel to touch the bells.

6.Verbally label ringing the bells, Bells.

7.Yea, you taught your dog Ring a Bell!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


Go Get Your Leash:

1.  Hold the leash out and ask your dog to take it.  Click and treat the exact moment he puts it in his mouth.

2.  Back up a step and see if he will follow you; click and treat him for moving with the leash in his mouth.

3.  Put the leash on the floor and tell him to Take It.  As soon as he picks it up,  click and treat.

4.  Put the leash on the floor but don't click and treat until he takes it and takes several steps toward you.

5.  Put the leash in various places at various distances and repeat.  Click and treat for taking it under these new circumstances.

6.  Gradually move the leash to where your dog can expect to find it and click and treat him for going to that spot.

7.  Replace the Take It cue with Leash, by saying the new cue Leash right before the old cue.  Gradually fade Take It so that your dog  perform the behavior on the new cue.

8.  Well done, you've taught your dog Go Get Your Leash.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today, I went to a rally show and I did really well,but before I tell you what I got I want to tell you something about going to dog shows.  When you got to a dog show you may think you're going to do great,because your dog did great at home.  When you go to a dog show it's a different place and your dog will probably get nervous like my dog Diva does,so don't get discouraged if they don't do as well as you thought they would,but sometimes you might do a wonderful job on your first try.    When it comes to dog showing you can only do what you think is right and hope your dog does what you want.  Sometimes though it's the other way around your dog might be doing everything you want him/her to do,but what you wanted to do was not right,so that's why the saying"Praise the dog,SLAP the handler"is probably my favorite,because it's true.  I've been wrong lots of times.  Now i'm going to tell you how well I did are you ready I hope you are!  All you have to do is read the next sentence!  Here we go...Diva and I got 1st place in Novice A with a score of 192, we got Best Junior,$20 off my next ASCOT Rally shows, and a gas gift card!  Yes, I did that awesome, but there is something funny about this.  Three weeks ago I went to a rally show and did not do as well as I thought I would.  Diva was performing perfectly at home,she even was doing everything off leash,but when she stepped foot in the show building she got all nervous.  When she got nervous all she did was sniff,so when we got in the ring I had no attention what so ever.  This weekend though I did wonderful!  That means if your dog does bad at one show don't give up on them keep on practicing and you'll be ready for the next show!

Dog Trick of the Day


Jump Through Hoop:

1.Get a hula-hoop and stand it up vertically and wait for your dog to put a paw in the hoop.  Click and Treat when done.

2.Repeat step 1 until your dog knows what you want has something to do with the hoop.

3.Wait for your dog to put 2 feet in the hoop.  Do this 10 times.  Click and treat when done correctly each time.

4.Wait for your dog to put feet in the hoop.  Do this 10 times.  Click and treat when done.

5.Wait for your dog to put all of their feet in the hoop.  Do this 10 times.  Click and treat when done.

6.Raise the hoop a little off the ground.  If your dog already knows jump say jump with it.  Click and treat when done.

7.Repeat step 6 until your dog is jumping through the hoop constantly.

8.If your dog doesn't know what jump means go to 2/3/12.  Look for my Trick of the Day There it will tell you how to teach your dog to jump.

9.Raise the hoop a little higher off the ground and get your dog to jump through the hoop 10 times before raising it more.  When it's an inch under what your dog normally jumps that is where you stop.

10.Well done,you've taught your dog jump through hoop!

Remember to take breaks when you train your dog,because your dog will get bored and just quit.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rally Show

Today Diva and Annie went to a rally show.  They both did really well.  Annie got a Q with 187 points in excellence.  Diva got a Q with 174 points and a Best Junior Ribbon.

Dog Trick of the Day



1.Start walking and jerk on leash when dog pulls.  When your dog gets beside you and doesn't pull click and treat.  Click and treat after every 3 steps.

2.Repeat step 1 until your dog is staying at your side and walking. 

3.Reduce your clicking and treating to every 6 steps.  Go on from their and reduce the amount of times you click and treat until you only click and treat once.

4.Repeat step 3 until your dog understands that you want them to walk by your side.

5.Start giving heel it's name.  Click and treat when dog starts to heel with you.

6.Repeat step 5 until your dog knows that heel means to heel.

7.Well done,you've taught your dog heel!

Remember if you think something on here is wrong just comment and tell me what you think is wrong.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day



1.Get a bar and wait for your dog to walk across it by sitting on the other side of the bar.  Click and treat when done.

2.Repeat step 1 until your dog is walking across the bar constantly.

3.Raise the bar a little off the ground and wait for your dog to jump across it if it's small or walk across it if it's big.  It depends on the height of your dog on how high your dog will jump,so i'd search on the web for somewhere that tells you how tall your dog is is how high your dog will jump.  Click and treat when dog jumps/walks across the bar.

4.Repeat step 3 until your dog is constantly walking/jumping across the bar.

5.Start giving jump it's name.  Click and treat when dog walks/jumps across bar when told to do so.

6.Repeat step 5 until dog knows that jump means to jump.

7.Raise the bar depending on dog height and repeat until dog is constantly jumping across bar.

8.Good job,you've taught your dog jump!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lazy Girl

Annie's so lazy!  She barely ever gets up from my mom's chair.  Annie sits in my mom's chair everyday behind my mom.  Annie will push on my mom when she wants to get up.

Dog Trick of the Day


Feet in the box:

1.Get a box that is bigger then you dog and wait for your dog to look at it.  Click and treat when done.

2.Repeat step 1 till your dog understands what you want has something to do with the box.

3.Wait for your dog to touch the box.  Click and treat when done.

4.Repeat step 3 till your dog is constantly touching the box.

5.Wait for your dog to put a paw in the box.  Click and treat when done.

6.Repeat step 5 till your dog is constantly putting a paw out of the box (make sure you get your dog out of the box before you do it again).

7.Wait for your dog to put their front paws in the box.  Click and treat when done.

8.Repeat step 7 till your dog is doing it constantly.

9.Wait for your dog to get 3 legs in the box.  Click and treat when done.

10.Repeat step 9 till dog is doing it constantly.

11.Wait for your dog to get all their feet in the box.  Click and treat when done correctly.

12.Repeat step 11 till your dog is doing it constantly.

13.Start giving feet in the box its name.  Click and treat when dog does it correctly.

14.Repeat step 13 till your dog knows what feet in the box means.

15.Start making your box smaller till it's as small as a bowl.

16.Repeat step 15 till your dog is doing it constantly.

17.Well done,you've taught your dog feet in the box.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


If you have a request for some training tips on how to train a cat,fish,or horse.  Just comment on this post and I will right a daily column on how to train your pet.

Dog Trick of the Day


1.Get a Frisbee and click and treat every time you  dog looks at it.

2.Repeat step 1 till your dog is starting to understand what you want has something to do with the Frisbee.

3.Only click and treat when your dog touches it.

4.Repeat step 3 till tour dog is touching it constantly.

5.Start giving touch its name.

6.Soon your dog will understand touch means to touch whatever you're using.

7.Get your dog to do this with various items to where whenever you say touch your dog touches the item in front of him/her.

8.Well done,you've taught your dog touch!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


Circle work:  Circle work is good for getting your dog to follow your hands this is how you do it.

1.Put treats in left/right hand and get your dog following them in a circle.  Make sure the treats are on the outside of the circle your going in.  Click and treat after you take 1 step and the more you do it start giving your dog a treat after 2 steps and so on. 

2.Put treats in other hand and go other direction.  You go the other direction by making a U turn which is called an about turn in the dog world.  Click and treat after you take 1 step and so on.

3.Well done you've taught your dog to follow your hands with this circle drill!

Agility Class

My dog,Diva and I ,go to agility class every Monday.  Our instructor is Elizabeth Armstrong.  We have fun at our classes and practice well.  Sometimes Diva and I get a little tired and don't do so well,but we usually get our act together before the next lesson.  Diva and I did great yesterday though we did the beginning of a regular course and a gamble today.  The gamble we did went jump,jump.left tunnel, teeter.  Diva and I didn't get it the first time,but we tried something different and got it the second time.  This video isn't our class,but it is a agility course.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Dog Trick of the Day


                                                      Awww...isn't she cute!

1.Get your dog to stand up by sitting down and then getting up or anything,but bribing them.

2. Once you get your dog to stand up barely put your hand under them and hold for 3 seconds.  Click and treat when done.  Do this at least 10 times.

3.Take your hand away from under your dog.  Click and treat when your dog sits.  When your dog does it the first few times the dog only needs to get in the position if the dog stays there long enough for you to click and treat do so.  If your dog sits after you click,but not after you treat you still need to treat them.  If you don't the dog will start thinking the clicker's a bad thing.

4.Start giving stand its name.

5.Your dog will eventually learn that stand means to stand.  When your dog does stand to the name stand click and treat.

6.Keep on saying stand and waiting for you dog to stand till your dog is doing it every time right on command.

7.Well done,you have trained your dog to stand.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sleeping Ways!

I find Bryce sleeping like this everyday.  It doesn't look comfy to me,but I guess he likes it.  He is the daddy of four puppies and one of the puppies (Belle) sleep just like that.  I wonder if Bryce's mom/dad slept like that.  The thing is this isn't the only weird thing Bryce does!

Dog Trick of the Day

1.Tell your dog to sit,or down.  Click and treat.
2.Take a step back.  If dog pops up put dog back in sit/down position.
3.Come back to dog.  If your dog pops up right when you get by him/her put them back in position and try again.  When done correctly click and treat.
4.Repeat step 1 till your dog really understands.  Click and treat every time is done correctly.
5.Start adding more steps back.  Click and treat when you come back to dog.
6.When your at about three steps back start giving stay a name.  When done click and treat.
7.Repeat step 6 till dog knows that stay means stay.
8.Start going back up to 10 steps or further.  Click and treat every time.
9.Well done!  You've taught your dog stay!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Noah's Ark

I walk dogs at Noah's Ark every Friday.  Yesterday I walked two dogs,Lulu and Hazel.  Lulu is for someone who can't get outside much.  She's a loving dog,but is shy.  Hazel is a beautiful playful dog.  She's for someone who would like a dog to play with.  These dogs are waiting to be adopted!  Please adopt these two cute babies! 

 Noah's Ark is located at 2501 N. Weaver Street,Gainesville,TX 76240

Noah's Ark's phone number is 940-665-9800

Noah's Ark's website is

Noah's Ark's email address is

Awww...I Think She's Comfy!

My dog has to sleep almost 24/7!!  She sleeps in the morning till about 8:00 and then she sleeps in the afternoon from about 1:00-4:00!  She has all kinds of funny positions:)  I guess that's what diva and I have in common.  We both love to sleep!!:):):):)

Dog Trick of the Day

Lie Down:
1.Wait for your dog to lie down.  Click and treat when dog does.
2.Keep on doing step #1 till dog does it constantly.
3.Start giving lie down a name to the dog.  Start saying lie down before your dog does.
4.Eventually your dog will learn lie down means to lie down.
5.Good job your dog learned how to lie down! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Supplies You'll Need

To train your dog your going to need a clicker,treats,certain supplies for tricks,and a good attitude.  Now I'm going to tell you what your going to use each of these supplies for,starting with the clicker.  When you first click your clicker your dog will be a little scared,so you will clicker train your dog.  To clicker train your dog you will get your clicker and click it then give a treat to your dog.  Do that about 20 times then your dog should know a clicker is a good thing.  Next I'm going to tell you what you'll use the treats for.  When your dog does something that you want you would click and then you'll treat. Treats are good for dogs who love food!  If your dog works for love or play then you don't need treats.  If your dog works for treats like mine then it's a good way to get your dog to want to train with you.  Last but not least the thing you need most to train a dog is a good attitude.  A dog can feel if your nervous,happy,or sad.  That means when you train your dog you don't want to have a bad attitude,because your dog won't work as well.  Now i've told you what you what you need to train a dog. Now go have fun!

Dog Trick of the Day


I'm going to give you the steps of training your dog sit,but first I want to tell you something about training your dog.  You never want to bribe your dog to do something.  You need to be patient and let the dog do it on its own.  Your dog will eventually do it it may not be in the first 5 minutes,or maybe not even in the first day,but they will do it and when they do use your clicker and click them and treat them with a huge reward.  That tells them well this is kind of fun I do this and I get treats. Now lets train.

1.Wait patiently for you dog to sit.  When done click and treat.

2.Keep on doing step 1 till your dog is doing it constantly.

3.Start saying sit before your dog sits.

4.Eventually your dog will learn the word sit means to sit.

5.Well done,you've trained your dog sit!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Cat Scratcher ruins

I've never had a cat who actually used the cat scratcher,but when I got Cailee she started to use it right away!  I never thought  i'd see the cat scratcher like the way it is!  She actually plays with the toys we get her!  It's so funny to watch her play:)

This is Cailee's Catnip

We find her eating something just a bit unusual. I ask her," Is that yummy?"  She just keeps on eating.  She looks up for a second and looks at me as if she were saying,"This is better then catnip!"  Now what do you think would be better then catnip to Cailee?  The plastic netting that oranges and onions are held in!


Welcome to my blog.   Really what I'm trying to do is to get people active with their pets.  It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have at Mydivapets.  Here we think all pets are trainable,so if you want to teach your fish dance.  Well I'm going to tell you how!