Friday, November 29, 2013

Lizard Trick of the Day

Hey guys! This is Allison. I realized that we haven't done a lizard trick in a while, so right now seems like a perfect time for one. It has been months since we did a lizard post! It hasn't been since August since we did one! So, I welcome you a new lizard trick... roll over!

You, the trainer!
A LOT of patience!

1. Start by getting your lizard's attention with the treat. 

2. Next, put the treat close to your lizard's mouth, but don't let your lizard get it!

3. Now, start moving the treat in circles. 

4. Now, practice A LOT!!!

5. Before you know it, your lizard should start following your actions.

6. As you go, start using smaller pieces of a treat.

7. Keep practicing! 

8. If your lizard is rolling over, try to use no treat, only rewarding your lizard if it gets it right. If your lizard doesn't like that, go back to practicing with a treat.

9. Is your lizard rolling over when you just make a circular motion with your hand? Well, congratulations! Your lizard has learned the trick, 'roll over.' Great job!

Please remember, this trick is quite hard, so it requires a lot of patience. Also, please try to train three times a day, for about five minutes each time.

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Cat Trick of the Day

Hello everyone! It is Allison. Guess who hasn't been posting to much? (Here comes the guilt.) I'm SO sorry! Well, here comes a cat trick. Did you see Katie's last trick on cat clicker training? It is pretty awesome! It is pretty helpful too... hint hint! Today's trick might use it... hee hee! Now time for what you have been waiting for! Dun dun dun!!! The trick for today is... come!

Cat treats
A cat
Trainer (you!)
Another person

1.  Start by showing your cat the treat. Make sure the cat really wants it!

2. Start going backwards. If the cat follows, it is doing it right! If not, keep trying to get him/her to follow the treat.

3. If your cat is following you, you are starting! Click and treat.

4. Keep repeating. Someone else should probably be there to hold the cat while you get back into position to keep trying.

5. As you practice, say come. That way your cat learns the word. If your cat gets it right, click and treat as soon as possible!

6. As you practice more and more, start using smaller treats.

7. When you think your cat is mastering it with small treats, try doing it with no treats. If your cat gets detracted by this, go back to using treats. Maybe even make the treat size smaller. If your cat is getting it without treats, keep practicing! Remember to click and treat only when the cat does something right. Also include lots of positive reinforcement like pats and stuff when they do something right.'

8. If your cat is coming when you call "come!" well, you have done it! Your cat now knows how to come!

 Remember, this process takes a while. You should only train about three times a day, for five minutes each. Also, only when your cat does something right you click and treat. Also include like I said earlier, lots of positive reinforcement like pats. 

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Thanks for reading this post! Happy training!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fish Trick of the Day


Hey friends!  Katie here :)  Happy Thanksgiving!  In honor of this wonderful day I'm going to come out of my hiding (sorry, I've been being so lazy...) and post a fish trick of the day.  Try to practice three times a day for 5 minutes each time.  It is essential to do that to get consistency, but do not tire your fish out and make them bored.

Hoop Swimming:


Yummy fish treats


1. Wash your hoop and hands.  You're going to want to do this every time.  This is for the healthiness of your fish.

2. Stick the hoop in the water.

3. Be patient and wait for your fish to swim through.

4. After about 10 minutes of waiting use the trick were you get the fish to follow your hand and lead him/her through the hoop.

5. Get your fish to nip your finger (fish kisses) and then give them a treat.

6. Repeat the trick until your fish sees the ring and immediately swims over.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dog Trick of the Day

Hi guys! It is Allison! Sorry I haven't been posting a lot ! I'm really busy! But here is part two of the last trick I posted. Think. What is the theme? I will tell you at the end if you don't figure it out! Now, get ready for part two... hide!

Your dog
Dog Toy!
Hiding places
Make sure your dog knows the command stay.

1.  Start by throwing the toy. Your dog should go get the toy, but when it gets to the toy, command it to stay.

2. If your dog does stay, click and give him/her a treat.

3. Keep repeating this process, so your dog learns it.

4. Now have someone go and hide the toy, and make sure your dog stays there. Now have them tell you to look for your dog.

My last dog trick was seek, this one is hide... hide and seek! Now you can play hide and seek with your dog.  Have fun!

Remember, three five minute sessions per day work well for training because your dog wont get bored, but it will have enough learning time!

Also, we still need some more contestants for the contest to find our mydivapets lizard. Remember to enter if you can send us photos frequently and have a picture perfect lizard. Good luck!

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