Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Wow, there's a lot of snow outside! If you're participating in our next dog class please note that we are still having class on Sunday.  It is it's about 4 days away, so hopefully by then the snow will be melting away.  If half of the snow's still there, unless the roads are dangerous, we will still have class.  Remember our class is this Sunday.  That will be the third and our next meeting is the following week on the eleventh.  For our next class we will focus on having fun training with our dogs and making your dog excited!
Last class we had some pretty bored dogs (It may have been of the lack of training they got to do without everyone having a clicker.).  Also, I hope you have been practicing the things we went over earlier.  Over here we are working on this some more with our dogs, and we usually do It's Your Choice when giving them their food.  This is the best time to train a dog, because they are hungrier.  Please when you come to our next lesson to tell us if you didn't get the information packet from us!  It has some things that are good to have around.  Now we also had homework and that was to get a clicker, practice the things we went over in class, and find the treats or items that your dog just needs!  We will need the clicker as it is a HUGE part in clicker training!  Then we need you to find something that motivates your dog.  Examples of this are you, treats, or a toy.  I think that's all for now!

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Please post a comment below if you like to see all the updates on our class and also comment if you have any questions.  I will try to answer any questions as soon as possible.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dog Lesson Update

Yesterday I had some little notes to hand out to everyone, and I'm pretty sure that every one didn't get one.  If you are one of these people who didn't get any, can you please post below?  This is so I can get you one at the next lesson!  Plus, if you can't make it to the next lesson please make sure you contact us before the lesson, so that way we have a good idea on how many people will be coming!  Don't forget that the next lesson is on March 3 at 2:00 and our next meeting is on March 11 at 6:15 in the bigger room where the freedom riders meet!  At the meeting there will be cookies and refreshments and there may be cookies and refreshments at the lessons!  Also, don't forget about your homework!  Your homework is to find what your dog absolutely loves (EX. Treats, toys, or just you!), to get a clicker in time for the next meeting, and to keep on practicing with you dog!  The things you need to go over are the It's Your Choice, Loose Leash Walking, Clicker Training a Sit, and just watching you the owner!  If you are wondering how all these things will lead to a well trained dog, just watch this video it will explain a lot of things: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNw9tbdKr6A&feature=player_embedded.

If you are confused on what I was asking just post below and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.  If you have any questions concerning anything else please post below as well.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

1st Dog Lesson

Today we had a huge success!  It was surprising that we were able to round up 8 people!  We are going to have our next lesson on March 3 at 2:00.  If you didn't know, March 3 is a Sunday.  Please get
a clicker in time before our next lesson, so you won't have to wait for it.  If you just can't get one in time don't fret you can borrow one of ours for the duration of the lesson.  If you liked the lesson and want to come again please try coming to out meetings!  Our next meeting is on March 11 at 6: 15 at the bubble church.  When you're there there will be cookies and refreshments!   While you wait for our next lesson please try to keep on training your dog!  There is no need to go over the Loading of the clicker (Loading the clicker was the one where you just click and treat.) for this one was just a way to get your dog to know that the clicker's a good thing.  Please keep on working on It's Your Choice (It's Your Choice is the one were you put treats in both hands and wait for your dog to stop sniffing your hand.  Once they stop messing with your hand you click and treat with the other hand.).  If you are still slightly confused on how to do It's Your Choice still try going here and watching the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipT5k1gaXhc.  This is a good example on how to do it, but you can also just treat the dog for not attacking your hand with the treat.  Clicker Training the Sit is another thing we worked on today.  If you are still confused and need some help try looking at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGPSCvmXyRg.  This video goes over exactly what we were doing, but just in a bit more detail.  Next, we also learned about Loose Leash Walking.  When doing this behavior you don't want your dog to pull on the leash.  If you're confused, please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TAF5Fyd7NA.  This is pretty much exactly what we learned in class.  Just turn directions when your dog pulls on the leash.  Plus, try to give your dog treats every now and then during this exercise, so they won't get discouraged.  Lastly, we learned about Eye Contact.  During this we just rewarded the dog for looking at you and nothing else.  If you're confused watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiMGJBxRtBw.  This video tells you exactly what you ne
ed and more!  That would be everything we learned today!  Also, if you went to out lesson today could you please Comment the name of you and your dog?  This would help us get to know you better.  Another thing we would like you to go over with your dog is finding out what they absolutely loves.  This is what you will reward your dog with when they do a behavior correctly.  If you have any questions please Comment them!  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dog Training Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be my first time actually training a class!  It will be for 4- H, but you don't have to be in 4- H.  It will be at my house in Bailey, Colorado at around 2: 00!  If you live around Bailey then please post a comment below and I will make sure I answer you.  On the same hand, if you can't come to all practices, since they'll be on Sundays, just make sure you come to as many as you can.  At the first lesson we will be teaching the basics.  The basics will mostly include clicker training and sit.  I'm so excited!  Over at my place we have already started teaching ourselves teaching skills.  We've been watching a movie called Heeling: Just Another Trick!  We can use that to help us train the people how to train their dog to enjoy learning heel, do heeling's not a bad thing.  If you're interested then here's a little more information.


Papers proving that your dog is up to date on their shots
Car, unless you live really, really close!
Toy if your dog plays with toys

These are some things you will have to need.  The papers are so that we don't have any sick dogs.  The leash is so that you can keep control of your dog.  The car is for transport.  The dog is needed, because if you don't have a dog with you, why come?  Treats are a very good thing to have for the dog who is motivated by food.  Bring a clicker, so that you can teach the dog to be rewarded from the clicker and not the treat all the time.  Bring a crate, because if your dog has to stay in your car while you give instructions you don't want them to be loose.  Well that's for the people who mind dog hair all over their car.  Lastly, the toy is only for the dog who is motivated by toys. My dogs are not motivated by toys, so it would be pointless for me to use one.  This is just a basic plan for what we will be doing.  Please remember this is based for 4- H, so if you would be interested in joining our 4- H club then here's what it's all about.  4- H is something that helps you find something you love to do and you can do many things.  These things are like crafts, dogs, livestock, and small animals.  My club specializes in crafts and dogs.  In 4- H we also try to help develop leadership skills.  That's all that I can say about 4- H other then it's REALLY fun!  My club will work in crafts by bringing in an artisan at every meeting.  Our meetings are at this moment in the bubble, if you live around Bailey you know what that is, and are at around 6: 00.  We're currently trying to move our meetings into an empty home education room.  That's all I have to tell you today, bye!

Dog Trick of the Day

Does your dog know some pretty cool tricks?  Well maybe one of those tricks can be getting you a tissue whenever you sneeze!   This trick is one that can amaze your friends when they sneeze and your dog brings them a tissue! You can also do this trick with a convincing fake sneeze!


Make sure your dog knows Take It


A dog's attention span is about an hour, so don't make them bored.


Tissue box

Achoo!  Can I have a Tissue?:

1. Give the dog a tissue and say Take It.  Click and treat him/ her for taking it and holding it.  You may have to do this a few times before they actually Take It if Take It is a new trick.
2. Take a step back and have him/ her bring it to you.  Click and treat him/ her for moving to you with the tissue in his/ her mouth.
3. Introduce the tissue box by pulling out a tissue and laying it on top of the box.  Click and treat him/ her for taking it off the box.
4. Gradually tuck the tissue in so that the dog has to pull out the tissue to get his/ her click and treat.
5. Replace the old cue Take It with the new cue Achoo!  Do this by saying the new cue right before the old cue.  Click and treat the dog for beginning the behavior as you sneeze.
6. Great job, you taught the dog to bring you a tissue as you sneeze!


The tissue will be wet from dog slobber!

Did you like this trick?  Were you confused?  If so, just tell me in the comments! I will reply as soon as possible!  Now go and woo some people with your amazing dog!

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