Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cat Trick of the Day

Hey guys! It is Allison here. I haven't done a cat trick in a while, so why not do one today? I apologize about the lack of posts lately. This is a busy time of year for me and Katie, so we have been having a hard time getting a lot of posts up. But we are still working hard to make this website convenient for every one to  enjoy. But, here we are so lets start on the cat trick of the day: Paw!

The Cat
Cat treats
A clicker
You, the trainer!
Note: Your cat should be clicker trained for this trick.

1. Show your cat the treat, and let him/her take a sniff.

2. But your hands behind your back, and then show your cat your hand with no treats in it. But have your hand cupped like before, so your cat doesn't see that there really isn't any treats in your hand. Then say, "Paw!"

3. Distinctively, your cat will put his or her paw on your hand. Click and treat. Doesn't work? Do step two again and keep trying. Your cat just doesn't get it still? Do step two again, but put your hand out with the treats. You can also lift your cat's paw up when you do this. Keep trying!

4. Repeat step two and three until each time, your cat puts his/her paw on your hand. Keep clicking and treating when your cat does it right.

5. Now open your hand a bit showing slightly there is no treats inside. Again, say, "Paw!" If your cat puts his/her paw on your hand even though there aren't any treats inside, your getting closer! Click and treat. If not, go back to step two and three, or just keep trying on this step.

6. Keep opening your hand some more and say, "Paw!" and keep clicking and treating when your cat gets it right.

7. Is your cat offering you his/her paw when you give the command with your hand wide open with no treats? If so, you've got it! If not, keep trying.

Remember, pets have an attention span! A good training time amount would about five minutes three times a day. Also, if you are getting bored and frustrated, your cat may be getting bored too. But don't get frustrated. Training pets takes a LONG time. Don't worry!

 Don't have a clicker? Finding one is easy! Just go to your locale pet store, and I'm pretty sure they will have one!

 Don't forget our fabulous Terrific Treats section where you can find great pet treat recipes. Yum!

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 That it for this post! Happy training!

Dog Trick of the Day

Hey everyone! It is Allison here! This time of year is a busy time, so I'm sorry I am not doing tons of posts. But, the last ones Katie did were pretty awesome, so I doubt you guys could have missed my posts too much when those came up, right? Well, we all know it is a dog trick of the day, "But what is the dog trick?" you may wonder. Well... it is shake! A great trick when your dog is wet and you want it to shake water on to your friends. That is, if you use this trick the evil way. Well, lets get started!

A dog. Duh! (Make sure it is not wet when training, or he/she might shake water on to you!)
Clicker (If your dog is not clicker trained, it might help if you go back and learn how to first!)

Note: This trick is pretty difficult, for you need to catch your dog shaking. Be observant. When does your dog shake? Waking up from a nap? Coming out of the water? Have your clicker ready when you think your dog will shake.

1. Catch your dog shaking.  If you see your dog shaking, click and treat. Give your dog lots of praise.

2. If your dog offers a shake again, click and treat! Your dog is learning! If not... repeat step 1 until your dog offers the motion more than once a couple times.

3. Now, keep repeating step one and two, but now say shake when your dog is about to shake or when shaking.

4. Before your dog shakes, give the command, "Shake!" If your dog gets up and does it, reward your dog! If he/she take his/her time before actually shaking, don't reward your dog.

5. Repeat step four until your dog shakes right away.

6. Now, try doing this when your dog isn't about to get up and shake like normal. Call your dog over, and command, "Shake!" If your dog shakes, you got it! Just keep practicing. Practice makes perfect! If your dog doesn't shake, keep trying, or even go back to step four. Keep practicing!

7. After all of that work, is your dog shaking when you command it to? If you say, "Yes!", congratulations! Your dog has learned the trick, "Shake." If you are answering, "NO!", well, you should probably go back a step or two and keep practicing. Remember the golden rule when training dogs: Practice makes perfect!

Remember, even though this trick is so exciting with so much to do, you have to pace your self! A good training time is five minutes three times a day! If you go way over this, your dog will get bored. Don't get frustrated! Training pets is hard, and it goes very slowly. But after some practice, you will probably think it is lots of fun like me and Katie here at Mydivapets.

Don't have a clicker? Finding one is easy! Just go to your locale pet store, and they will probably have one for pretty cheap.

We are taking trick or furry friend ideas? Need some tricks for your pet that we don't have? Comment below! We want our range of pet ricks to be big, based on what viewers want. So get commenting!

 Need some treats for tricks, or just giving just pain out rewards? Your pets will go crazy about these. Homemade treats! All you have to do is go to our Terrific Treats section in this blog, look and follow the recipe and WHAMO! Tasty time. truly they are for your pets though... but if your pets can eat it you can eat it! (But you probably don't want to!)

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Well, that is it! Happy training!