Monday, March 3, 2014

Fish Friends

   Hey guys! It is Allison here. With news! Important news. You see, it's about fish, and you can probably tell that by the title. Well... Sunrise died! Unfortunately, fish have a short life, although Sunrise lived for more than a year which is REALLY good for a fish.
   Now, you may be thinking, " Who is going to be the photo star for the Mydivapets fish? " Well, I have an answer. Because never fear, Lilly and Patty are here! They are great new fish friends that have come to join us. Katie and I are excited about our new buddies. So maybe we should learn a bit about them?
   Meet Lilly. She is a bright pink fish, and is very outgoing. She always wants to say, "Hi!" and be friends. She is always ready for a good hello! Loving the camera, Lilly naturally loves being on Mydivapets! She is thrilled to meet you.
    Now, meet Patty. Loving live, but just a tad more slowly than her friend Lilly. Shy, but very sweet, is how everyone would call her. But be ready for a big friend lover! Patty wants to know you, then you'll be GREAT friends. Patty knew this site would be great, with all of the friendly animal lovers around. Mydivapets was calling her name.
    Now you know a bit about Lilly and Patty, you should know they would be up to doing a little bonus trick to end the post. So here is your surprise fish trick... feeding wand!


     A really thin plastic pole/tube
     Something to put fish treat in
     Non-float-able fish treats
     Hot glue 
     You - the trainer!

 1. Make the feeding wand. To do this, take you plastic pole/tube, hot glue, and treat holder. Hot glue the treat holder to the tube/pole. Let it dry completely before putting it in to the tank.

 2. After the feeding wand is completely dry, try putting on the non float-able fish treats on the feeding wand. Make sure your fish like the treat!

 3. Place in the wand. If your fish likes the treat a lot, it will probably go after your wand. Let your fish eat the treat.

 4. Try practicing this. As you go, try moving around the wand quite a bit so your fish gets used to it and learns to go after it.

 5. Done! You have a fish feeder, and your fish knows how to use it! This will come in handy for quite a few tricks.

    Have a nice day! Lilly and Patty will see you soon!

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