Monday, December 30, 2013

Cat Trick of the Day


Hey guys! Katie here :)  Are you ready for a cat trick?  I sure am!



~ Cat treat
~ Cat
~ You


1. Grab a treat and put the treat a good distance above your cat.  You want your cat to be able to get their paws on your hand, but not their mouth.

2.  Dangle the treat and wait for your cat to go onto his/her hind legs to get it.  Once your cat is on his/her hind legs give them the treat while they are still in the air.  If you cat goes back down before you give the treat, don't give it.  You want to reinforce the behavior of standing up.  You do not want reinforce sitting down for this trick.

3.  Repeat step 2 until your cat goes onto his/her hind legs quickly.

4. Once your cat gets the idea of standing on his/her hind legs, wait to give the treat.  Your cat needs to stay on their hind legs a little longer before giving the treat.  5 seconds is a good time.

5.  Repeat step 4 until your cat is standing on his/her hind legs for continuously longer periods of time.

6.  Now when your cat is once again on his/her hind legs start spinning the treat and your hand a little.  As soon as you cat shifts a paw, give him/her the treat.

7.  Repeat step 6 until your cat is shifting his/her paws at greater and greater distances.

8.  Now try to get your cat to do a full rotation.

9.  Repeat step 8 until your cat can spin with ease.

10.  Now right after your cat spins say "Dance".  This will be your cat's cue.

11.  Repeat step 10 a couple of times before moving on to the next step.

12.  Start saying the cue before your cat spins.

13.  Repeat step 12 a couple times.

14.  Great job!  Your cat is now a pro dancer!

Remember to train 3 times a day for 5 minutes.  This way you get enough time in the day to teach your pet a few things, but your pet does not get bored.

Do not get frustrated is your pet does not get the trick right away.  Every pet takes a different amount of time to learn a new maneuver.  With patience and a lot of practice your pet will be a pro in no time.

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