Monday, December 30, 2013

Santa Paws


Hey guys!  Katie here :)  Santa Paws was kind to those at RuffRow!  The presents were loved by all.  However, Diva did not get why she got the crate!  At least now she's not taller than her crate!  Santa Paws got her a nice black metal crate.  We promised Diva that she will get a fashionable cover to go around the crate.  Phira went crazy with the two balls she got from Santa Paws.  Her favorite (at first) was the crinkly ball, but later on she decided she would try out her new 'Wubba'.  She loved Wubba.  She played with it all day!  The Wubba was a bunny with a squeaker, and she and Diva could tug with it as well!  Annie was happily content with her new bed.  She loves to cuddle with her people, and when she is not cuddling she's sleeping.  It's hard work being Annie!  Selena, our 15 year old Aussie, got her present early.  It is a runner for the kitchen.  She loves to walk in the kitchen, but she often falls.  The traction in her paws is long gone.  She is now able to walk into the kitchen easily!  The last present for our animals was for Cailee.  The dogs love to chase Cailee, so she's often far out of reach.  Her jumping skills are superb.  She never goes on the floor.  Santa Paws helped her with her problem by getting her a cat castle as tall as me!  It's five feet tall and cushioned inside.  Cailee looked at it once and walked away.  Yes, she walked away.  What kind of cat is she?!  She thinks she is too good for a castle?  That does not make sense.  Cailee is also a picky eater...  She only eats the cheap cat food from King Soopers.  That's it!  You try feeding her chicken, and she turns her nose.  All this talk about what my pets got for Christmas bring me to wonder what your pets got!  There are a lot of great presents and I want to hear about them.

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  1. Cole is getting a lizard really soon! He has his fish tank cleaned out and everything! You will have a star lizard soon!

  2. Santa Paws- you know Santa Clause! Santa Clause does good little girls and boys, and Santa Paws gives presents to the good little girl and boy dogs.