Monday, December 30, 2013

Fish Trick of the Day


Hey guys!  Katie here :)  It's time to get your little fishy to go to the top of the tank when it's feeding time!  We've taught your fish to follow your finger (if not please go back to earlier posts using the cloud to the right of your screen), but now it will go to the top with three simple taps of your finger!

Feeding Time:


~ Treats 
~ Fish
~ You


1.  Tap the glass of your fish tank three times then immediately drop some fish treats in the tank.

2.  Wait until your fish goes back to the bottom of the tank and then tap again and drop treats.

3.  Repeat the earlier steps until your fish takes longer to get to the bottom of the tank, because it knows its going to get more food.

4.  When the fish is once again at the bottom of the tank tap three times and wait for your fish to go to the top.  Drop in treats when your fish gets there.

5.  Repeat step four until your fish is zooming to the top when you tap the glass.

6.  You now tap the glass 3 times when your about to feed your fish!

Remember to only train in 5 minute sessions.  This way training stays fun, and your fish looks forward to it.  Train 3 times a day, every day for the best results.  

Do not get frustrated if your fish does not learn the trick straight away.  It takes patience and hard work to train your pets!

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